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Elevate The Way You Skate


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The WinnPro Skating Treadmill

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the WinnPro Skating Treadmill is a one of a kind training experience that provides continuous corrective feedback to help players develop greater skating efficiency, power and speed! 

With over 5000 hours of lessons provided to thousands of skaters, we are able to identify and correct the root causes of poor skating positions and patterns.


Don't miss out on the most in-depth skating instruction available.

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Booking Made Easy.

All purchases and scheduling is completed online using our booking platform.

Once a profile is created, you will be able to view the calendar of available time slots and reserve any session that works within your schedule! 

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Matt Jones

 President WinnPro Hockey

B. Kinesiology


With over 15 years as a professional skating and skills instructor, Matt has worked with skaters at all levels of hockey including the NHL, ECHL, NCAA, WHL, CIS, Jr A, and all minor hockey levels.

"My experience working both on-ice and using the skating treadmill has provided me the opportunity to learn and identify the many compensation patterns skaters use in an attempt to develop power and speed. Correcting poor movement patterns allow skaters to become more bio-mechanically efficient and provide a tremendous performance enhancement."

Coach Matt is also a strength and conditioning expert which is a major asset to his clients. Developing strength, power and speed off-ice is extremely beneficial to improving on-ice performance if the skater has the ability to apply those qualities on the ice through sound mechanics.

For more information on off-ice training programs designed by Coach Matt visit   

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Our Address:

Unit 7 1080 Waverley Street 

Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S4

Located inside Pro Connexion Hockey



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