As Custom Edge Training continues to operate we will add Testimonials from skaters/ parents that have used our treadmill. Initially some of the testimonials are from individuals that have used other treadmills, to demonstrate the effectiveness of treadmill training in general.


"There are a lot of benefits to the Hockey Treadmill.  During the off-season, you can do a lot of things, from biking to running, but this is a program where I can use my equipment; I’ve got my skates on that I wear during the season.  The program sets you up for not only endurance skating, but it also does elevation and quick sprints.  So it helps your foot speed as well as you’re cardiovascular and your leg strength…It’s so great for little kids just learning.  It teaches you how to skate properly.  For the intermediate, girls or guys, it develops your leg strength and skating muscles.  From college players to great high school players and those in the pro ranks, it’s a great conditioning program!”

Brett Hull, Former NHL Star


"I noticed an immediate improvement in my sons skating mechanics.  The one on one training and immediate feedback made a dramatic improvement."

Dave, Minor Hockey Coach​


"Stride length, endurance and efficiency have all improved drastically. He loves the sessions and is always wanting to return”
Marty, Former Minor Hockey President​


“My son improved his knee bend, stride length and recovery.  I believe the main benefit was the controlled environment and immediate feedback. (from mirror and instructor)"
Dan, Hockey Parent​

"I used the treadmill instead of running and found it to be low impact and really improved my cardiovascular fitness.  An hour session on it was extremely hard work."
Tom, Rec Hockey Player​