The skating treadmill is a tremendous tool for power skating development. No where else can players receive instant and continuous verbal, visual and kinesthetic feedback. In one 30 minute treadmill session, players receive 90% more feedback and instruction compared to any 20-25 player camp. Players learn the concepts more thoroughly and develop muscle memory faster!


Improved Skating Mechanics

  • Immediate verbal feedback from instructor

  • Bio-feedback from mirror and video analysis

  • Major focus on effective body positioning, stride length and recovery

  • Measured improvement through video analysis


Improved Strength and Conditioning

  • Dynamic speed improvement through strength development and mechanical efficiency 



  • Ice time in Winnipeg is expensive and hard to find.  The WinnPro Skating Treadmill allows you to book your skater in to two on one sessions as many times in a month as you want.





  • Largest skating treadmill in the world​

  • 7.3 ft x 8 ft

  • Surrounded by puck handling surfaces

  • 12 ft of training area

  • Incline/decline capability 

  • 20 MPH top speed



  • Live Action Dartfish Analysis

  • Video screen live stream for visual learning


Skate Sharpening

  • Located in Pro Connexion

  • Expert knowledge and advice to select the best edge for treadmill and ice skating

  • Maximum Edge sharpening system is used by the NHL and over 300 teams across the globe

  • Only Maximum Edge system in Winnipeg!