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Welcome to the WinnPro Skating




Located at 7-1080 Waverley Street



Dedicated to the development of hockey players in Winnipeg, WinnPro Hockey is proud to offer comprehensive power skating instruction and video analysis programs.  


Combined with our exceptional power skating instruction, the skating treadmill is a development tool proven to increase:


  • Power

  • Efficiency

  • Speed

  • Leg Strength

  • Endurance


Book a lesson to take your skating to the next level.

Individual - Structured in a 2:1 skater to instructor ratio, players follow a strict power skating curriculum for a 30 minute session. $30 plus tax.


Team Special - Structured in a 2:1 skater to instructor ratio, a team may book 3 - 4 hours of treadmill time per evening to accomodate 12-16 skaters. Provides inseason/individual skill development designed to suppliment team practice.

$20 per skater.


**All sessions are 30 minutes in length.

Click Here for further program details. 

WinnPro Hockey offers a number of on-ice programs throughout the year. On-ice programs are a great way to continue to develop and apply learned techniques from the treadmill in game-like situations. 






 7-1080 Waverley St.

 Winnipeg, Manitoba